Internal Corners
A total of 28 Corners for Shaft or Core Forms.Sizes available include 300mm x 300mm at 3.9m - 5.4m height & 350mm x 350mm at 3.6m height.The equipment is available ex yard in Sydney & the owner will consider all reasonable offers !

102 m2 of PERI Duo being sold as a package that includes RS 210 Push Pull Props, Access Brackets and Compensation Walers.The Duo Formwork is located in Sydney.

PERI Trio Panels
Original PERI Trio Panels.being sold to order !subject to availabilityThe Panels are faced with good plywood and they will be cleaned and serviced ready for use prior to delivery.Photos shown are indicative only.

RMD Minima
1270 m2 of original Minima Panel Formwork.This Kit is being sold with a large qty of Accessories including Hinged & Fixed Internal Corners plus Walkway Brackets & Handrail Posts.The Formwork is in very good condition & is priced to sell quickly at $ 295 + gst per sq/m !

RMD Super Slim Soldiers
This small package of RMD Super Slims is available for purchase ex yard on the Gold Coast.The Inventory includes -4 of 900mm SS.Soldier, galv10 of 1250mm SS.Soldier, galv4 of 1800mm SS.Soldier, galv2 of 2700mm SS.Soldier, galv8 of 3600mm SS.Soldier, galv,Delivery can be quoted on request.

RMD Super Slim Soldiers
This package of RMD Slimshor includes -68 of 3600mm Slims15 of 900mm Slims180 of Walkway Bases8 of Adjustable Jack R/H8 of Adjustable Jack L/HThe total Sale Inventory with sell prices can be provided on request.

SGB MK11 Soldiers
450 of 3.15m SGB MK11Soldiers priced to clear !These original SGB Soldiers are in very good condition.Part purchase may be possible - minimum order quantities apply.

Site Plant Sales