Boxer Climbtrac
Selling 26 sets of Climbtrac. Each set includes : 2 x A Frames 2 x Roller Assemblys 2 x Roller Guide Beams 1 x Platform Brace

1.6m dia Column Form
This 1.6m dia x 4.8m H Steel Form is located in Melbourne.It was designed and manufactured by Omniform.The Owner is open to an offer.

2.5m Dia Steel Form
2500mm Diameter x 6600mm H Circular Steel Form complete with Pouring Platform & Props.The Design & Fabrication Drawings will be included in the sale.Total Form Height 6600mm with Section Lengths being-2400mm H, 2 of900mm H, 2 of.The Form(s) and Accessories are being sold ex yard in Adelaide.

Circular Forms 0.6m dia
10 of 600mm dia x 3700mm H Steel Forms being sold ex yard in Melbourne.The Forms have been manufactured in the combined lengths of 3200mm & 500mm.Part purchase may be possible.

Doka KS Column Forms KS Xlife
9 sets of Doka KS Xlife Column Forms that can be used to form Column sizes between 200mm x 200mm up to 600mm x 600mm. Panel heights are 3300mm & 900mm, giving a combined maximum Form Height of 4200mm.The package includes props & wheels plus pouring platforms as well as ladders & safety cages.This formwork is in new unused condition. It is available ex yard in Sydney.

Pier Forms
2 x Solid Wall Round End Pier Forms available ex yard in Perth.The Form Dimensions are -Straight Section 2030mmEnd to End Internal Dimension 3540mmInternal Width 1500mmRound End Radius 750mmForm Lengths are 3000mm &1500mm - Total Height = 4500mm per form.Design drawings & engineering data are available on request.The owner is open to a reasonable offer !

H20 Timber Beam
This H20 Timber is being sold ex yard in Melbourne.Sale Inventory Includes -23 of 5.9m lengths170 of 4.9m lengths139 of 2.45m lengthsThe H20 Timber is priced at $ 7.35 + gst per metre.It is being sold as one Lot.

PERI GT24 Girders
16 x packs of 4.2m-4.8m GT Girders.Total 1700 lineal metres.These Girders are being sold as one Lot ex ACT.

Acrow Props
200 of No 2 galv Acrow Props available ex yard in AdelaideThese Props are priced to clear !

Acrow Props
These are original quality Acrow Props.Selling the following stock -300 of No 1s1600 of No 2sThe Props are located in Brisbane.

Acrow Props
A large quantity and full range of galv Acrow Props being sold ex yard in Melbourne.The Sale Price has been further reduced to clear all stock !

AluProps 2.75m-3.05m
2500 pcs of euro quality Aluminium Props being sold at cost price !These LD Alu Props have a WLL of 29kN at 3.05m.They were manufactured in Italy.The Props are available for immediate delivery ex yard in Sydney.Part purchase is possible.

PERI Multiprops
Original PERI Multiprops !Package includes 200 of MP480 & 30 of MP350 Multiprops plus MRK Frames & Crossheads.This equipment is being sold as one Lot.It is available for immediate delivery.

Tilt Prop Minis
150 of Mini Tilt Props being sold ex yard in Brisbane.These Props are in good condition and they are priced to clear.Part purchase may be possible.

A Beam + Alu Joist
Original Acrow A Beam & Acrow Alu Joist being sold as one Lot or a part purchase.Sale Inventory includes -1000 x 4.9m lengths of A Beam80 x 6.0m lengths of A Beam3000+ metres of Alu Joist (in various lengths)The Owner is open to a reasonable offer.

1000m2 of original Acrowform being sold with No 2 Acrow Props.This formwork has been priced to clear.It is located in NSW.

Original Acrowform Panel Formwork !Inventory Includes -200 of 1800mm x 900mm Panels200 of CrownsThe Formwork is being sold as one Lot.It is available for immediate delivery.

Brooker 38mm OD U head Jacks
2,200 of original Brooker U Head Jacks priced to clear at only $ 7.85 + gst each !!Part purchase may be possible.

Brooker Super Frames & Accessories
30 of 1.8m Super Frames & Braces with Spigots, Flat Jacks & U Heads being sold as one Lot ex yard in Brisbane.

Frame Connectors
1,250 of Frame Connectors priced to clear at only $ 1.95 + gst each.They are located in Brisbane - delivery can be quoted on request.

Frame Connectors
Several thousand Frame Connectors being sold as one Lot or a part purchase.They are located in Melbourne - delivery can be quoted on request

Ischebeck Titan HV
Original Ischebeck Titan HV components available for immediate purchase ex yard in Brisbane.Sale Inventory includes -*500 of 1.70m Main Beams*1500 of 1.70m Secondary Beams*total quantities on hand subject to confirmation.

PERI Skydeck
2000m2 of genuine PERI Skydeck being sold as one Lot.This package does not include Props.The Skydeck is priced to clear at only $ 268.50 + gst per m2 !More information can be supplied on request.

Shoring Frames
These 1600mm H Frames were manufactured for use with Prop Inners or U Head Extension Tubes.680 of the frames plus accessories are available ex yard in Perth.The Owner is willing to consider all offers for this equipment.

Super Frames
Brooker Super Frames & Accessories being sold ex yard on the Gold Coast.Inventory Includes2.0m Frames x 1101.8m Frames x 8101.2m Frames x 4801.0m Frames x 2400.9m Frames x 172The Owner is open to reasonable offersPart purchase is possible.

2200+ m2 of Tables available ex yard in VictoriaSizes & Quantities include -50 of 4850mm x 2450mm50 of 4850mm x 2850mm50 of 3650mm x 2850mm50 of 3050mm x 2850mm150 of 3050mm x 2450mmThese Tables were designed for use with Frames. They have been fabricated with 100x50x3 RHS Joists & UB150 18 Bearers at 1830mm spacings (from centre of the longest side). Design drawings are available.Part purchase may be possible.

This large quantity of Tables can be purchased as one Lot, or part thereof.More than twenty different sizes of the tables are available. They have been designed for use with Frames.

U Head & Flat Jacks + Spigots
2000 of quality Australian made 38mm OD Hollow U Head Jacks including a smaller qty of Flat Jacks plus Spigots.This equipment is priced to clear !Part purchase may be possible.

V-Shore Frames & Accessories
295 of painted 1.8m V Shore Frames & 173 of galv V Shore Frames with Accessories available for purchase ex yard in Melbourne.Part purchase may be possible.

V-Shore Frames & Accessories
1600 of 1.8m V-Shore Frames being sold with Accessories.These are original Acrow quality Frames & Jacks manufactured here in Australia.A rated inventory will be forwarded on request.Part purchase is possible.

Internal Corners
A total of 28 Corners for Shaft or Core Forms.Sizes available include 300mm x 300mm at 3.9m - 5.4m height & 350mm x 350mm at 3.6m height.The equipment is available ex yard in Sydney & the owner will consider all reasonable offers !

PERI Trio Panels
Original PERI Trio Panels.being sold to order !subject to availabilityThe Panels are faced with good plywood and they will be cleaned and serviced ready for use prior to delivery.Photos shown are indicative only.

RMD Minima
1270 m2 of original Minima Panel Formwork.This Kit is being sold with a large qty of Accessories including Hinged & Fixed Internal Corners plus Walkway Brackets & Handrail Posts.The Formwork is in very good condition & is priced to sell quickly at $ 295 + gst per sq/m !

RMD Super Slim Soldiers
This small package of RMD Super Slims is available for purchase ex yard on the Gold Coast.The Inventory includes -4 of 900mm SS.Soldier, galv10 of 1250mm SS.Soldier, galv4 of 1800mm SS.Soldier, galv2 of 2700mm SS.Soldier, galv8 of 3600mm SS.Soldier, galv,Delivery can be quoted on request.

RMD Super Slim Soldiers
This package of RMD Slimshor includes -68 of 3600mm Slims15 of 900mm Slims180 of Walkway Bases8 of Adjustable Jack R/H8 of Adjustable Jack L/HThe total Sale Inventory with sell prices can be provided on request.

SGB MK11 Soldiers
450 of 3.15m SGB MK11Soldiers priced to clear !These original SGB Soldiers are in very good condition.Part purchase may be possible - minimum order quantities apply.

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