Selling Used Formwork & Scaffolding – Less Credible Arguments

It is usually the case that a Contractor will quickly decide to sell Plant and Equipment.

Plant and Equipment is an Asset, typically a very valuable must have Asset. Selling Assets is better achieved without taking Shortcuts.

Market conditions at the time of selling is a Factor. Plant and Equipment that presents well is another often underestimated Factor.

Good Presentation negates dealing with the 'Credibility of a Buyers Argument'. 

Does a good truck load of Formwork and Scaffolding ever go unnoticed ?
Trucks usually advertise Company Details or Logo's. Your Business Image will be highly visible.

The time spent Servicing and Cleaning Equipment is good time. Counting and Stacking Equipment is also good time.

 - Strive to make your Plant and Equipment present well.
 - Have it present well on your truck, on your site, and before you sell it.

Dirty and poorly stacked Plant and Equipment is good for the Buyer, not the Seller.
Avoid trying to find answers to water down the 'Credibility of a Buyers Argument'. 

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