Layher 2.0m Stairs
A large qty of Layher Stairs with Internal Handrails. These are the non-comfort type & they suit a 2.57m bay. The equipment is in good condition & priced to sell very quickly ! Available ex yard in Qld.

Layher U-Bridging Ledgers & Lattice Girders
A large qty of reinforced U Ledgers & Steel Lattice Beams including - 358 x U-Bridging Ledger 1.57m, 369 x U-Bridging Ledger 2.07m, 749 x U-Bridging Ledger 2.57m, 278 x U-Bridging Ledger 3.07m & 40 x U-Lattice Girder 6.14m. Available ex yard in Qld. This equipment is priced to clear !