Ladder Beams
Lot includes more than 100 of 4.0m-8.0m x 450mm Layher & DScaff Alu La... [more]

Scaffold Tube & Misc Fittings
Sale Items include -Scaffold Tube 355 grade 3.2G galv, available in 33... [more]

Tube & Fittings
Surplus stock of various Fittings & Scaffold Tube available for purcha... [more]

Layher U-Bridging Ledgers
This package of reinforced U Ledgers includes -45 x U-Bridging Ledger ... [more]

K.Stage Scaffolding
200 ton (approx) of painted Modular Scaffolding being sold with Ancill... [more]

K.Stage Scaffolding
400-500 ton of good quality used scaffolding being sold due to change ... [more]

Haki Universal Tripod
290 pcs of 3.0m Haki Tripod including several bundles of bracing compo... [more]