Aluminimum Mobiles
Several complete Towers including -1 of 1.3m W x 2.6m L x 4.5m H1 of 1.3m W x 2.5m L x 4.5m H1 of 1.3m W x 2.5m L x 3.5m H1 of 0.7m W x 1.9m L x 2.5m HThe equipment is located in Brisbane. & the owner is open to an offer!

4000-5000 tonnes of galvanised Cuplock available for immediate delivery !This type of Cuplock has Metric standards with Imperial Ledgers & Transoms.A component schedule will be provided on request.

Layher 2.0m Stairs
A large qty of Layher Stairs with Internal Handrails. These are the non-comfort type & they suit a 2.57m bay. The equipment is in good condition & priced to sell very quickly ! Available ex yard in Qld.

Layher Allround
This package of original Layher includes -,260 of 3.0m Standards390 of 2.5m Standards260 of 2.0m Standards28 of 1.50m Standards56 of 1.09m O Ledgers69 x Stairway HandrailsThe equipment is well priced and it is available ex yard in Melbourne !

Layher U-Bridging Ledgers & Lattice Girders
A large qty of reinforced U Ledgers & Steel Lattice Beams including - 358 x U-Bridging Ledger 1.57m, 369 x U-Bridging Ledger 2.07m, 749 x U-Bridging Ledger 2.57m, 278 x U-Bridging Ledger 3.07m & 40 x U-Lattice Girder 6.14m. Available ex yard in Qld. This equipment is priced to clear !

Haki Universal Tripod
290 pcs of 3.0m Haki Tripod Lot includes several bundles of bracing components - qty to be confirmed. This Lot is being offered ex yard in Gladstone. Seller is open to a reasonable offer !

Mobile Stretcher Stairs
These Aluminium Stretcher Stairs were manufactured for the purpose of use as a mobile access stairway to the live working deck.The Stairway Towers have an overall plan measurement of 3450mm x 2250mm with an access height of 2850mm.The Owner has 2 of these available and they are open to offers !

Scaffolding Ancilliaries
A large quantity of 355 grade 3.2mm Galvanised Tube & Aluminium LaddersThe equipment is being sold in semi-trailer Lots only.Available ex yard in Brisbane.