Internal Corners
A total of 28 Corners for Shaft or Core Forms.Sizes available include 300mm x 300mm at 3.9m - 5.4m height & 350mm x 350mm at 3.6m height.The equipment is available ex yard in Sydney & the owner will consider all reasonable offers !

Internal Corners
Available sizes include 3.0m, 3.6m & 4.2m.These Corner Forms are in good condition & they are available for immediate delivery !

PERI Filler Plates LA
26 x 2.7m & 26 x 1.2m original Filler Plates available ex yard in Perth - delivery can be quoted on requestMake an offer !!

PERI SB Brace Frames
60 x sets of original PERI SB Brace Frames !! SB A0, SB A, SB B & SB C.This PERI equipment can be very hard to locate in good used condition.The Package is being sold as a Working Kit with standard SB Brace Frame Accessories.Part purchase may be possible.

A 1260 m2 package of original Trio in good condition available now ex yard in South East Qld.This is a great Kit with plenty of standard accessories. Panels include, 84 of 2.7m x 2.4m, 72 of 2.4m x 1.2m and 32 of 2.7m x 1.2m plus various other sizes.The owner is open to an offer !

RMD Alform
95 x pcs of original 150mm x 90mm Alform in 3500mm lengths.This formwork is available ex yard in Gladstone, Qld. Make an offer !

RMD Minima
1270 m2 of original Minima Panel Formwork.This Kit is being sold with a large qty of Accessories including Hinged & Fixed Internal Corners plus Walkway Brackets & Handrail Posts.The Formwork is in very good condition & is priced to sell quickly at $ 295 + gst per sq/m !

RMD Super Slim Soldiers
Original Super Slims available for immediate delivery !Package includes -108 of 3.6m36 of 2.7m40 of 1.8m12 of 1.2m21 of 0.54mThe Slims are being sold as one Lot

Slimshor Jacks
Original RMD Slimshor Jacks.70 of R/H and 70 of L/H - total of 140 Jacks.They are in good working condition & well priced at $ 70.00 + gst each.Available ex yard in Perth.Delivery can be quoted on request.

Good quality Strongbacks available in several lengths including 3.0m, 3.6m & 4.2m.They have been made with 100x50 C Channel.Offers are invited !