Euro Props
835 pcs of 30-400 steel props & 639 pcs of 20-500 steel props available ex yard in South East Qld.These are proprietary galvanised props which are in good used condition.Delivery can be quoted on request.

GASS Props
85 x GASS Props available ex yard in Melbourne.These proprietary heavy duty props have an extension range of 1.7m-2.7m.Technical data can be supplied on request !

PERI Multiprops
Original PERI Multiprops in very good condition.Lot includes a very large qty of MP480 & MP350 Props including 1.0m Extension Pieces plus MRK Frames.Available for immediate delivery !

PERI Multiprops MP350
350 x original PERI MP350 Props available for immediate delivery !These props are being sold as one Lot - part purchase is not possible.

Steel Props
Good quality galvanised props available ex yard in Perth.300 pcs of No 0300 pcs of No 11500 pcs of No 2450 pcs of No 4The props were manufactured by PCH approximately 6-7 years ago.Part purchase may be possible.